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Our Mission

From its inception, ARJay Search has made a commitment to excellence.  Our list of client companies includes many of the Fortune 500 industry leaders.  We have excelled in staffing new start-ups, key positions for growth industries, and reorganizations of long established corporations.

We believe our close rapport with innovative managers has developed over the years because of our ability to research, direct, and conduct the most thorough searches in the marketplace.  Our staff has been painstakingly selected for their management experience, talents, abilities, education, and exposure to the corporate environment.

ARJay Search remains dedicated to the Standards of Ethics of the National Association of Personnel Consultants and promotes long term mutual successful relationships.

We thank you, our customers, friends, employees, and partners for your continuing support of our activities and programs.

Patrick M. Jones -- President

About Us

Professional Capabilities

ARJay Search represents over three decades of experience in searching out the key professionals that are so critical to your organizational needs.

We are proud of our staff of professional, experienced Search Consultants who understand and adhere to  your particular job specifications.  As managers in top corporations, our Search Consultants have been on the firing line in general management, plant management, marketing management, sales management, and engineering management roles.  Having made critical personnel and operating decisions themselves, our staff has both the technical expertise and business savvy to identify and recruit the quality people you need.

Our consultants have been through rigorous personnel search training, both on-the-job and in formal training so necessary for the successful completion of search assignments.  As a member of the National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPC), ARJay's formal training program includes both in-house training and training sponsored by the NAPC leading to registration as Certified Personnel Consultants.  Membership in the NAPC and the CPC designation mean that our firm adheres to the highest ethical standards in the search industry.

Members of our team hold advanced degrees and maintain professional registrations in their areas of expertise.  With basic degrees in engineering, the sciences, and business, our professionals have gone on to obtain advanced technical degrees and MBAs.  In the course of their professional development, they have also obtained registration as Professional Engineers and CPAs.

Our firm reflects true professionalism in the areas critical to your search needs - business management, functional expertise, and high ethical standards.  We have the knowledge and credentials to understand your business needs and the capabilities to satisfy your critical personnel requirements.

Executive Search

From our initial roots in the electrical power industry, we have extended our knowledge into other industries as our team of experienced Search Consultants has grown.  Our firm has developed considerable expertise in the healthcare, financial services, civil engineering, information technology and telecommunications industries.

From a functional perspective, our experience includes work in the engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, information systems, human resources, and other organization areas.  Our search assignments have ranged from three to five year experienced professionals through line and staff management to the CEO level and the boardroom.  We enjoy continuing client relationships with start-up companies, expanding divisions, and Fortune 500 corporations.

As America's industry and the global economy expands, the competition for solid, experienced professionals becomes more intense.  Our organization takes pride in our success at consistently sparking interest from busy, top level professionals and attractively portraying the challenges and opportunities of a management position in your organization.

Our firm tailors every new engagement to your specific needs and requirements.  Although we have a defined and structured search process once the search is underway, no two searches are alike and we pride ourselves on our commitment to understand every aspect of your organization and culture.  This is such a key element to the success of each engagement that our consultants work exclusively for you during the first thirty days of any new assignment.

Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting

Our staff experience and expertise in your business is available for your use in performing market surveys and in identifying strategic and tactical planning alternatives to help develop your organization, build profits, and grow market shares.

Engineering Consulting

ARJay's engineering expertise is also available for a full range of consultation.  Contact us with your needs for additional information.

Contract Employment

ARJay Search can offer a full range of contract employees to fill your short term personnel needs.  Contact us with your needs.

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